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We travelled by car through France, Belgium and Germany before arriving at Salzburg. We stayed overnight in Speyer in Germany but did not take any photographs.

Salzburg is an old town with history going back before the Romans. The Castle has been continuously inhabited for all that time and has buildings of many centuries. There are many fine buildings, a few of which are pictured here.

Mirabell Gardens - once gardens attached to the Mirabell Palace and now open to the public.


Formal flower beds                    Parterre            Unicorn water feature  Female water feature       View of Castle beyond gardens

Salzburg Castle


Chapel                1716 building         State apartments (14th C)             Remains of earlier windows    Typical doorway

Features around Salzburg


Water fountain by cathedral    Mozart Birth Place    Morgan cars        Horse carriage    View from Funicular    View from Castle

On leaving Salzburg to drive to Trieste, we first stopped at Hallein to visit a salt mine - very interesting with underground train rides, long exhilarating slides on special wooden rails, and a boat ride across a brine lake deep underground.


Whizzing down the wooden slide in the mine, a tableau showing life in the mine in the 17th Century and a marble memorial to St Rupert. Salt mining in this area started over 2500 years ago by the Celts. A reconstruction of a Celtic village is open to view - The blacksmith's hut and the baker's hut.