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We spent the final day in Avignon exploring some parts of the city that we had not previously seen including the far bank of the river - Philip the Fair's Tower, Villeneuve des Avignon and the Saint Andre Fort.

It was very hot and sunny (above 30oC) so we found some shade on the car park for a while. We took the car along to the Autotrain station slightly early. A shuttle bus eventually deposited us by the main railway station and we were able to go and find an evening meal. The trains from Nice were running late and we eventually departed from Avignon about 30 minutes late.


End of carriage and car transport    Elaine in carriage        Shunting operations at Calais

At Calais we walked over to the terminal building where a continental breakfast was served. After that there was an interminable wait whilst the cars were unloaded. Ours was one of the last to come off. However, we were soon away to the tunnel and then back to 13oC and rain in Kent.