Holiday in Rome and South Lazio       Monday 2nd July - Monday 16th July 2012.

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Day 5    -    Friday 6th July

We left Rome to pick up a hire car at Fiumicino Airport, and then drove to nearby Ostia Antica archaeological site, before continuing on to Sperlonga for a week by the sea.

We have been to Ostia Antica before and so did not photograph everything we saw.


Two views of the seating with audience

Street water fountain

A high quality street fountain made of marble.

Elaborate Doorway

A high quality doorway that would have been plastered and painted.

Wall sign for Alexander Helix's Bar

Not sure if Alexander Helix was the bar owner or just a name for the bar, perhaps a personality.

Alexander Hero's bar

Floor mosaic

We walked past the Porta Marina Gate into an area we did not exploore on our previous visit in 2004. The Porta Marina Baths were quite extensive and well decorated, although there is little to see now.

We walked back towards the centre along the Decumanus Maximus and then turned left into some streets close to the warehouse area.

House of the Charioteers

Corridor with mosaic floor and plaster walls

House of the Charioteers

Painted wall plaster

House of the Charioteers

Painted wall plaster

Back on the Decumanus Maximus we looked at the Capitol Building, the Forum and the Forum Baths.

Capitol Building

This imposing building was a sacred and political centre of the town.

The Forum

In front of the Capitol Building and the other side of the road, the Forum was the centre of life in the town.


A 26 seat latrine opposite the Forum Baths

Forum Baths

Wall showing the heating flues in the wall.

Forum Baths

Outside of the baths, some of the rooms were arranged around a semi-circle to make full use of solar gain in the winter.

Forum Baths

Caldarium with marble steps to a plunge pool.

We continued along the Decumanus Maximus towards the theatre.

Bar near Theatre

Quite a large bar near the theatre

Merchants' Forum

This forum was just behind the theatre and was a rectangular area surrounded by merchants' shops/offices. An area of mosaic floor indicated the merchant's trade.

Merchants' Forum

Possibly a merchant who imported wild beats for the games.

Necropolis Baths

A busy mosaic in an area of the necropolis baths.