Holiday in Rome and South Lazio       Monday 2nd July - Monday 16th July 2012.

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Day 2    -    Wednesday 4th July

We went to Vatican City to explore the Vatican Museum and to climb the Dome of St Peter's Basilica.

First we went into the Museum. We lingered longest on items that we were interested in, Ancient Roman and Etruscan articles. We also looked at many other paintings, ceramics, statuary, etc. Below are some photos to illustrate the tour.

Edwin at start of museum tour

Elaborately carved sarcophogus

From Roman period

Statuary Group

Detail of a Roman mosaic

Etruscan Vase

Pair of Etruscan vases

Elaine standing next to a large map of Italy

Detail of a Mosaic about athletes

Elaborately carved marble panel

One of the buildings behind St Peter's

There are several buildings in the grounds behind The Basilica in the gardens

Gardens of St Peter's

The Grotto in the garden

View towards Rome from the dome

A Whole vista seen from the viewing gallery on the Dome