Holiday at Hotel Aquila Porto Rethymnon, Crete            Tuesday 1st May - Tuesday 8th May 2012   

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Visit to Chania and Polyrennia

Chania (or Hania if you like) is a port at the western end of the island. It was capital of Crete from 1845 until 1971 is is still the second largest settlement on the island. The Venetian Harbour is picturesque and attracts many visitors. It is lined with cafes and restaurants. The old town is a warren of narrow streets lined with many shops.



Situated on the mole by the harbour mouth.

Giali Tzami

Shore Mosque. The first mosque built by the Ottoman Turks in 1645 and now an exhibition gallery.

Minoan Sarcophogas

An exhibit in the Archaeological Museum.

Schiavo Bastion

Part of the Venetian fortifications opposite the lighthouse.


Roman period bastion - labelled as an Aqueduct

Polyrinia and environs

The hillsides around Polyrinia are terraced and cultivated from bottom almost to the top.

Roman Remains

Period uncertain.


Remains of house from pre-history period.

Modern Church

Not sure how old the church is. It is being renovated inside and out. The hill behind is the acropolis of the ancient settlement.

Modern Church

The graveyard is being renovated. People still live and farm on these hills.

 We also visited Kastelli Kissamos, a small port west of Chania. We arrived there on Sunday morning and found it a very sleepy place. There was some activity in the cafes, but the Archaeological Museum was closed (no reason posted but it might also have been a public holiday). On our way back to Rethymnon we stopped to view a small church - Ayios Stefanos. It was very small, not much more than 6 people could squeeze in.

Church of Ayios Stefanos

Other end of Church

Interior of Church

We also stopped along a minor road to view and photograph some more roadside shrines. See separate heading.