Holiday at Hotel Aquila Porto Rethymnon, Crete        Tuesday 1st May - Tuesday 8th May 2012           

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The old town was built around the headland with the Fortezza on its peak. The new beach resort continues along the beach and the suburbs sprawl up the hills south of Rethymnon. 

The Harbour

The Venetian Inner Harbour

Now used for fishing and trip boats. The outer harbour is used for pleasure boats.

Kara Pasha Mosque

Ruined remains of mosque in a quiet street

Porta Guora

The only remaining bit of the town walls.

Decorated Doorway - Agios Frangiskos

Formerly part of a Venetian Roman Catholic monastery. The basilica is still used by the town's small RC community

Rimondi Fountain

Built in 1620s. There are other fountains, mostly dry, scattered around the town.

Venetian Loggia

Built around 1600. The building has been much restored in recent years and serves as a bookshop for the museum.

Ice Cream Time

Also Ice Cream time