Holiday in Cornwall   11th May  -  18th May 2013

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Day 2 - Sunday 12th May

The day started dry but cloudy. We drove south towards Lands End intending to visit 2 tin mines - Geevor and Levant (a National Trust property). Geevor was a working tin mine until 1986 when the world price of tin sank far too low to make Geevor economic. Almost the full range of surface activities were open to tour, including the pit head showers and clothes drying facilities known as "The Dry". The ore processing area was especially fascinating. We had an underground tour of the Wheal Mexico underground mine; whilst not actually part of the Geevor Mine, it gave a flavour of the conditions underground.


Geevor Mine           Elaine by Winder House      Rock Drills                Shaking Table in Ore Processing


Entrance to Wheal Mexico underground        Haulage Shaft        Ladder Shaft            "Mossel" cubby

We next drove a mile or so along he coast to visit the Levant Mine and Beam Engine. This is a National Trust property and the beam engine is still working, having been restored to working condition in about 1988.  The engine was originally installed in 1820 or so, but the boiler is a much more recent installation; the original was cut up for scrap long ago. The actual mine is flooded and cannot be entered.


Levant Mine        Display boards                     Tramway incline (ore processing)   


Engine House and earlier building    Boiler    Lower part on beam engine    Upper part of beam engine