Holiday in Egypt - Day 7 Sunday 28th March 2010

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Still moored at Luxor and first visit today was to the temple complex of Karnak.  This was connected to the temple at Luxor by a processional avenue lined with sphinxes (lion body, ram's head), and was almost in alignment with the funerary temple of Hatshepsut on the west bank. The complex was in use from about 1350BC to the late roman period and was added to and changed by over 30 pharaohs.


outer pylon, line of sphinxes on processional avenue, remains of mud brick wall from building phase, entrance to hypostyle hall


colossal statue of pharaoh,   columns in temple of Amun-Re,   wall decorations,  obelisk (one of several), broken top of an obelisk


plan of temple,   top of column in hypostyle hall,     painted relief decoration,   plan,   close-up of sphinx


Line of statues surrounding courtyard