Holiday in Egypt - Day 9 Tuesday 30th March 2010

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Another early day to go and explore the pyramids on Giza Plateau before the heat of the day. We visited the three main pyramids and the funeral temple and Sphinx before going on to Sakkara to see the stepped pyramid of King Djoser of the Third Dynasty. All four pyramids were originally covered in white limestone from the quarry near Cairo. Restoration work is currently underway on the stepped pyramid.


Great Pyramid of Khufu, Pyramid of Khephren with white casing intact near summit, Pyramids of Queens in distance, reverse of Great Pyramid with Solar Boat Museum.


Pyramid of Khephren, near Great Pyramid with Pyramid of Khephren in background, causeway from pyramid to temple and Sphinx.

           3 pyramids of Giza, & the Sphinx.

We drove to Sakkara, stopping for lunch at an open air restaurant quite near to the pyramid complex. After lunch we then continued to the pyramid for a guided tour.


Entrance to temple, columns in entrance passage, example of engaged columns, exit from columned passage,


D-shaped edifice as part of the pharaoh-running ceremony, one of the observation temples, stepped pyramid, pit for removing sand from shaft in Masaba temple..