Holiday in Norfolk - 11th - 18th July 2014

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Day 2 - Saturday 12th July 2014

Today we visited a National Trust property north of Norwich - Blickling Hall.  This is a Jacobean house but with later alterations to make more room and provide a much grander staircase than was the case in most Jacobean buildings. Instead of a relatively small door opening onto a passage screened from the great hall alterations made in the 18th century provided a central and larger door leading into a vestibule.  The stairswhich were originally to one side of the building now occupy a central position at the rear of the vestibule and lead straight out of the vestibule and split at a half landing to give twin stairs leading sideways and then turning back to a transvere landing across the front of the house above the main door and connecting both stairs with the two sides of the upper floor. A much grander and more practical arrangement.

Blickling Hall         Blickling Hall      Blickling Hall      Blickling Hall      Blickling Hall      Blickling Hall

Exterior views of Blickling Hall:  Front; side services range - very similar both sides; Parterre; fountain and beyond to eye catcher building; side elevation facing formal garden; lake beyond Hall.

      Blickling Hall       Blickling Hall    Main Staircase;   Library;   Chinese Bedroom.

Interior shots - from web - light levels were kept low to conserve colours in fabrics so photography inside was difficult.