Holiday in Norfolk - 11th - 18th July 2014

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Day 6 - Wednesday 16th July 2014

We spent the day in Norwich, going in by bus from the local Park and Ride car park, which was very convenient.   The pedestrian only areas were pleasant to be in. There were plenty of shops, particularly independents.  Towards lunchtime we gravitated to the cathedral and eventually had lunch in the cathedral restaurant.

Norwich Cathedral     Norwich Cathedral     Norwich Cathedral      Norwich Cathedral      Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral:  front elevation;  visitors entrance at side; choir stalls and organ; chancel with bishop's chair in centre of apse; lectern in form of a pelican.

Norwich Castle  Norwich Castle:  established by Normans not long after the conquest as a motte & bailey fortification.  It was altered several times during its long life and a major restoration occurred in the 1820s when the keep that is seen today was completely refaced in stone.   It is a museum now.