Holiday in Sicily        27th June - 4th July 2013

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Tuesday 2nd July - Visit to Agrigento with its collection of Greek Temples

Agrigento is a Greek site with several remarkable temple ruins, some having beehn restored at various periods over the years. The Romans did some restoration after destruction by the Carthaginians. In modern times some parts have been restored. The temples are arranged along a ridge, linked by a "sacred way".


Temple of Juno.  Some restoration done over the years. The last picture shows some white facing on the platform stones - the last remnant of a white painted render applied during the Greek period to make the temple stand out as a white building.


The "sacred way" from near the Temple of Juno;  Some later burial niches in an outer defensive wall fashioned from natural features; lower down the way with Temple of Concordia in background.


Temple of Concordia.  Last view show the interior with surviving "Cella" walls.


Temple of Hercules - very little remains.


Catacombs from early Christian period.  Tombs exposed in first image . Second image shows tunnel to underground area.


Remains of Greek period road converted to an aqueduct during the Roman period.


Temple of Jove (Zeus): very much destroyed by earthquakes. Image 3 shows reconstructed statue lying on floor.

       Temple of Castor and Pollux - little remains except a few restored columns.

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