Holiday in Sicily        27th June - 4th July 2013

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Thursday 4th July - Visit to Siracusa

On the last day of the holiday the flight home was not until the evening so we had a full day to explore Siracusa.  The archeological park has remains of a Greek monolith altar - the largest in the world, a Greek Theatre, a Roman amphitheatre, and other remains.


Monolith Altar;  Greek Theatre carved from hillside; ditto;  later caves around top of theatre, one used as a religious grotto with water feature made by diverting an aqueduct.  


Nearby quarries that provided the limestone to build Siracusa;  "The Ear of Dionysius" a man-made cavern.


Roman period amphitheatre.


Modern cathedral dominates the city skyline.


Ortigia: an island connected to Siracusa by bridges;   Views both ways on one bridge;  Remains of Greek fortifications; ditto.


Siracusa Cathedral - the body of it is a Greek temple to Athena. The columns can still be seen inside and outside.  The walls of the "Cella" have been pierced with arches. It becane the first Christian cathedral of Siracusa in 640AD.  The original Norman facade collapsed and was replaced in 1693 with the present Baroque facade.

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