Holiday at Hotel Alpha, Sant'Agnello, near Sorrento.

Friday 24th June - Friday 8th July 2011.

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Day 1    -    Friday 24th June

We were booked on a Thomson flight from Birmingham to Naples leaving Birmingham at 16.55. We lunched early, drove to the airport long term parking No 1 and then to the airport departures. All went well with no hold ups. Whilst waiting in the Departure Lounge we had time to relax and to have a cup of coffee. The aircraft left on time and the flight was uneventful, apart from quite the heaviest landing I have ever experienced.  The transfer to Sorrento by coach was long and tedious, due to road  works and slow traffic.

The hotel had laid on a cold collation for when we arrived at about 11.00 pm and we were soon off to bed.

Day 2    -    Saturday 25th June

We walked into Sorrento along the main road, checking the location of the rail station of Sant'Agnello as we went. It is only about 200 metres from the hotel. We found a nice cafe in Piazza Angelina Lauro in Sorrento where we could get a nice coffee in pleasant surroundings. Afterwards we continued into the town and located Davide's ice cream parlour for an ice cream. Scrumptious!!    We continued walking through the town to the sea front in front of the Lycee and sat on a bench and viewed the activities on the sea.  Plenty of boats in action and a small cruise ship.  Then more walking along the Via Marina Grande until we arrived at said Marina Grande.  Nothing seems to have changed in the last 10 years.  After walking along the front in the Marina we walked back into Sorrento town to find some lunch.  We walked back through the town and back to the hotel via a different route - halfway between the sea front and the main road.  We sat by the pool for a while and had a drink before changing for dinner. Food so far has been italian and OK.  Plenty of choice on the menu. We have to wait and see if the menu stays the same all week.

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Circumvesuviana Station at Sant'Agnello    Centre of Sorrento        Elaine and Edwin at Marina Grande

Day 3    -    Sunday 26th June                                   

We wanted to go the Capo Sorrento where there were reported to be some Roman ruins. Weekends are busy at popular attractions. so we didn't want to drag out to Pompeii.  We could not find a bus operating so caught the train into Sorrento, buying some food for a picnic on the way. We walked all the way to Capo Sorrento and wished we hadn't. The  Capo was interesting enough  - some Roman ruins and plenty of people sunbathing and swimming off the rocks. We also found a cafe for a drink.  We did find a bus back, a bit expensive but better than walking. The bus dropped us off at the train station in Sorrento so we came back to Sant'Agnello on the train. Since then we chatted and also rested by the pool and even swam in the pool.  Dinner was slightly different in that it was a fixed menu with each course having 3 or 4 different items, all on the same plate. It worked and was quite a nice meal.


Remains of Villa    Vaulted cellar of Villa     Vesuvius from Villa       Remains of Villa      Bay close to Villa      Headland with swimmers by Villa

Day 4    -    Monday 27th June

It was market day in Sant'Agnello and the market took place in the street outside the hotel.  It was not much of a market so we were not tempted to buy anything. After walking around the market we ended up in the centre of Sant'Agnello where we found the Bar Italia - the supposed stopping point for local buses. We had coffee and then returned to the hotel via a small supermarket (for food for lunch). After lunch we explored towards the sea, but it appears the local free beach is closed at the moment. Dinner was a tribute to Napoli, with local recipes and local music provided by a guitar and a mandolin.

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