Walking the Thames Path from Source to Barrier - 184 miles
To be done in stages during 2014 by Elaine.

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Day 12 - Wednesday 24th September 2014

I arrived at Staines half an hour later than I expected as I missed the connection from Reading.  We were possibly held up going into Reading by a steam-hauled special entirely made up of old dining cars.   The walking was easy, being gravel paths with the occasional grassy meadow; there were lots of benches alongside the river.  I soon came to Penton Hook Lock and then progressed under the noisy M3 towards Chertsey.  I had to walk along the road to Chertsey Lock and then under Chertsey Bridge.  I had planned to have lunch in Dumsey Meadow, but a belted Galloway bull and cows changed my mind.  Instead, I lunched near Rye Peck Meadows Moorings where there was a collection of houseboats.

After this, I walked towards Shepperton Lock near Weybridge.  At one place, an island in the river can only be reached by boat, so their postboxes, etc., are on the bank and a bell to ring to call for a lift.   After Shepperton Lock I caught the ferry to the other bank and walked on to Walton Bridge.  The path continued to Sunbury where there are 2 Locks side by side; one was under repair. The walk goes in the shadows of Molesley Reservoirs and past some huge concrete blocks, part of London WW2 anti-tank defences.   Palatial houseboats line some of the islands and, before long, Molesley Lock and Hampton Court Bridge came into view.  Here I left the path to walk round the palace to my B & B for the night.

 Thames Path                                  Thames Path                    Thames Path                Thames Path                                    

 Signpost near Staines;             Penton Hook Lock House;         Boat at Chertsey Lock;         Chertsey Bridge; 

Thames Path                                     Thames Path                                 Thames Path                   Thames Path

Post Box on opposite bank from house; Bell to request boat to cross river.    Shepperton Lock;          Walton Bridge;

             Thames Path                    Thames Path             Thames Path      Thames Path          Thames Path

  Repairing Lock at Sunbury;  WW2 Anti-tank defences;      Houseboats;        Molesey Lock;    Hampton Court Bridge