Walking the Thames Path from Source to Barrier - 184 miles
To be done in stages during 2014 by Elaine.

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The River Thames Path is a long distance footpath following the River Thames from its source near Kemble in Gloucestershire to The Thames Barrier. Total length is 184 miles (294 km). The path follows the general course of the river but cannot follow the bank slavishly. Indeed, some sections are on public roads, but these are usually fairly short and few in number. The route is described in various guide books. Elaine used the two books published by Aurum Press Ltd in association with Natural England:

"Thames Path in the Country" covers the route from the source to Hampton Court.

Thames Path in London" covers the remainder of the route through London.

The path is well marked with signposts bearing the acorn symbol, so one should not get lost although one should be aware of odd alterations, or new bridges over streams, which may not be mentioned in the guide.  There were quite a few diversions in London due to building works. Not all builders signed their diversions particularly well.

The intention from the start was to walk the path as time and circumstances allowed, sometimes a single day, sometimes a week-end or longer. Husband, Edwin, was to be transporter, setting her down at the start of each section and picking up at the end; possibly meeting during the section. An arthritic knee prevented him participating fully. The final 4 days were done from a hotel near Vauxhall Bridge; because of the reduced travelling on those days, more walking could be done each day.