Walking the Thames Path from Source to Barrier - 184 miles
To be done in stages during 2014 by Elaine.

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Day 5 - Saturday 17th August 2014

This leg of the Thames Path started with a train journey from Leamington Spa to Oxford. Start point was Osney Bridge and it was obvious that something was going on. On the reach below Osney Lock there were lots of boats - eights, coxless fours, single scull, doubles - it was Oxford Regatta. The towpath was busy cyclists, joggers and strollers.  There were boathouses on both sides of the river, both old and new.  It did get quieter as I progressed downstream past Iffley and Sandford locks and also muddier due to the rain in the last two weeks.  After a picnic lunch, I continued through attractive riverside gardens at Abingdon and then on to Culham and Clifton Locks.  It was much quieter along this stretch of the river.  At Clifton Hampden I left the path, caught a bus to Oxford and then the train back to Leamington Spa.

Leamington                Osney Bridge      Thames Path        Thames Path           Thames Path

Elaine at Leamington Spa;  Osney Bridge;     Osney Lock;       near Folly Bridge;    Boathouses along river

 Thames Path                      Thames Path                 Thames Path      Thames Path              Thames Path

Ladies coxed 4 on river;  Eight being put onto water;  Abingdon Lock;      Steam Launch;     Narrow boat entering Clifton Lock.