A holiday on the Isle of Wight    6th - 13th June 2009

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Wednesday 10th June

Train day. We caught an electric train at Shanklin and went to Ryde, getting off at the Esplanade station. We walked around the town and had a coffee. Then we returned to the rail station at the end of the pier and caught a train to Smallbrook station where we transferred to the steam railway. From Smallbrook we travelled to the end of the steam line (Wootton) before returning to Haven Street station. The carriages were some of the best we have seen on a preserved railway. They were Edwardian or earlier and had been restored. One had to choose one's 3rd class carriage carefully as some were more comfortable than others. We looked around the exhibits, museum, shop and then had lunch (Shunter's Special - bangers, chips and beans.). After lunch we caught  a train up to Wootton again and then back to Smallbrook. Then, as the weather turned cooler and wetter, we caught an electric train back to Shanklin.


    Hovercraft at Ryde    Smallbrook Station        Engine footplate        Haven Street Station