Walking Hadrian's Wall Path

28th September - 4th October 2012

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Day 1. - Friday 28th September

The day started dry as we made our way to Segdunum Roman Fort at Wallsend from our hotel in Newcastle. The fort and museum opened at 10.00am and we were then able to buy our Wall Passport and get the first stamp on it. Then it was off on the opening stages alongside the river. The course of the wall is straight through the middle of Newcastle, which would make for difficult and uninteresting walking. The riverside path was much better with its course taking us through several parks and nature reserves.  We had already bought sandwiches for lunch so we were able to continue with only a short break. End point was to be the village of Heddon on the Wall. This was reached at about 4.00pm, where we were able to see our first stretch of wall.  There is a good tea room at Heddon on the Wall and a pub. Distance travelled was 15 miles.



Segdunum Roman Fort from viewing tower      Short stretch or reconstructed wall just west of Segdunum fort


Elaine and Marcus pictured on the riverside walk in Newcastle         First stretch of wall ruin at Heddon on the Wall