Walking Hadrian's Wall Path

28th September - 4th October 2012

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Day 3 - Sunday 30th September

We managed to start earlier today, starting from Heavenfield by 9.45am and aiming to get to Housesteads Roman Fort. Alison joined us for Sunday and Monday, but she wanted to look at Chesters Roman Fort before joining the walkers. In the event, we looked first at Brunton Turret and a stretch of wall before continuing to Chesters. We had a good look around Chesters before driving along the military road to allow Alison to rejoin the walkers.  Unfortunately, by the time they arrived at Broccolitia Roman Fort and Mithraeum the rain had started. Whilst the walkers rested and had a drink from the conveniently situated coffee wagon, Alex and Lia were driven back to Chesters where they had left their car, hoping for a look around the fort. However, the rain did not stop so they decided to push off for home.  By this time, the rest of the walkers had decided to call it a day as the rain continued and was forecast to continue for the rest of the day. So we retired to base and a welcome meal in the evening, having walked only 7 miles.

                Brunton Turret and a stretch of narrow Wall on broad foundations.

Chesters Roman Fort:


            Barracks                         Drains                    Gatehouse        East bank of river    Changing room at baths    Drowned Strong Room

  Alison joined Elaine, Marcus, Alex, and Lia to walk to Broccolitia Fort