Walking Hadrian's Wall Path

28th September - 4th October 2012

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Day 6 - Wednesday 3rd October

Today we walked from the Hamlet of Oldwall to another hamlet west of Carlisle - Grinsdale, about 11 miles.  We set off at about 9.20am and arrived at Grinsdale at about 3.20pm. The path was mostly over fields following the line of the Wall wherever possible. However, the fields were very wet following weeks of rain and cattle churn up the gate entrances into a very wet morass. Several path diversions were in force and sometimes we had to take our own decision to walk along the road. There was very little to see of the Wall. The Path took us through Carlisle mostly alongside the river. We had to stop at the Sands Leisure Centre to get our Passports stamped. Fortunately, we were in the centre when it began to rain heavily, so we stayed and had our lunch before continuing on after the rain had stopped.