Walking Hadrian's Wall Path

28th September - 4th October 2012

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Day 4 -Monday 1st October

Having finished early on the previous day, the intention today was to make up some of the lost miles and to endeavour to walk from Broccolitia Fort as far as Walltown Quarry, about 15 miles. Notable points to pass were Housesteads Roman Fort and Sycamore Gap. Some of the best scenery and Wall remains are in this section. In the event, the weather was better, the footing was better, although very wet underfoot. Alison walked as far as Housesteads before it was time for her to finish and make her way home. Elaine and Marcus made it to Walltown Quarry, arriving about 17.45.  The quarry has destroyed a long section of the Wall although the Vallum is still largely intact. The car park at the quarry is good and there are toilets and a cafe.


Mithraeum at Broccilitia        Elaine, Marcus and Alison leaving Broccolitia en route for Housesteads


Milecastle 37 - remains of arched gateway    Elaine with scenic backdrop of Crag Lough       Aesica Roman Fort - remains of altar


Elaine and Marcus walking    Resting on Wall                         Sycamore Gap - Elaine                       Milecastle 35

Housesteads Roman Fort


 Housesteads Fort - boundary wall    Looking to South Gate        Heating system in Commander's house


North gate with Wall going East                     Monumental East Gate                       Latrines

         At Walltown Crags a very nice stretch of Wall runs along the edge of the crags but disappears where a modern quarry has destroyed a long stretch.