Two weeks to Italy by Rail            29th May - 12th June 2014

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Day 3 - Saturday 31st May 2014

After breakfast we walked to the Egyptian Museum. We had to search a little as there were few direction signs and the entrance was disguised by builders fences for the renovations that are being done.  We had a good look around, although large guided tours did interfere somewhat.  THere was a lot of very interesting artefacts covering all eras but the star of the museum was, without  undoubt, the room containg the grave goods of Kha and his wife Merit.

Chair      Merit's Household goods      Beauty Box     Items from Kha's Tomb - Chair, household goods, Merit's (his wife) beauty box


Kha's Bed     Kha's Inner Sarcophagus    Kha's Middle Sarcophagus     Kha's Outer Sarcophagus   Kha's Bed, Inner sarcophagus, Middle Sarcophagus, Outer Sarcophagus


Merit's Inner Sarcophagus     Merit's Outer Sarcophagus         Merit's Inner and Outer sarcophagus.


There was also a lot of statuary - of kings, queens, gods.  Here are just a few:

King Amenhotep      Ram Statue       Goddess  Sekhmet      King Rameses II   Statues of King Amenhotep, Ram god,   Goddess Sekhmet, Rameses II with a god and goddess either side


We also looked at sights in Turin:-

Palazzo Carignano was built of brick and then extended later by adding on wings to enclose a courtyard.

Palazzo Carignano        Palazzo Carignano 2

Palazzo Madame was built as a mediaeval palace and then a much newer front end added,

Palazzo Madame           Palazzo Madame 2

We continued to explore Turin on foot and ended up in some gardens by the river Po. There were 2 rowing clubs in the gardens plus several cafes and a 19th century theme park built for an exhibition.  The Borgo and Rocca Medievale was built about 1870 and is still open as an attraction now.

River Po    Borgo Medievale     Borgo Medievale 2    Borgo Medievale 3

Later we came across a couple of buildings that were once Fiat motors in the early 20th Centre before the famous factory was built with test track on roof.

Fiat 1        Fiat 2    ex Fiat factory buildings.