Two weeks to Italy by Rail            29th May - 12th June 2014

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Day 8 - Thursday 5th June

Into Sirmione first thing after breakfast.  We did some shopping, including things for a picnic lunch.  Then we walked along La Passagiata Panoramica to the end of the peninsula where we found Le Grotte di Catullo - a ruined Roman period villa.  We had been before but we went in and explored the museum and the ruins. The ruins are mostly of the sub-structure, foundations for the villa proper.  Most of the stone had been robbed for use in later buildings, probably including the local church. The structure is impressive in size but little is left of any plaster or mosaics.


SirmioneVilla1  SirmioneVilla2    Post cards showing the location and extent of the villa

Villa Catullo 1     Villa Catullo 2     Villa Catullo 3     Called "The Cryptoportico" - part of the subterranean structure supporting the villa on the height of the headland.  Note the rock strata in the third image.

Villa Catullo 4     Villa Catullo 5     Called "The Swimming Pool"  it was probably supplied with water from several cisterns dotted around the site

Villa Catullo 6        Villa Catullo 7     One of several long underground tunnels

Villa Catullo 8     Villa Catullo 9    Substructure - as they are nearer the end of the villa, they get bigger and more impressive.

Villa Catullo 10       Long Corridor, sloping towards the end.  Elaine gives an indication of scale.

Villa Catullo 11     The end of the villa from the water.