Visit to Turkey May 2011

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Hierapolis and Pamukkale   -  Day 12 - Friday 13th May

We set off early and drove up to Selcuk and then towards Aydin, using the motorway which did not go as far as we expected. The distance to Hierapolis was about 100 miles and we did not arrive until about 11.15am.

Welcome to Cemetery Road - over 1 mile of tombs and sarcophogi. The necropolis was built outside the north gate.


Sarcophogi        A small Tomb  A larger tomb built to look like a house    Inside the house tomb


Several largish tombs;   circular tumulus like tombs;  closer view of the entrance to one.


Just outside the North Roman Gate was a Baths, now called the Basilica Baths;  Opposite was a large tomb - see front and side views


Roman North Gate        Large latrine on Frontinus Street now a ruin            Frontinus Street looking towards the North Gate


Byzantine North Gate                Street inside Byzantine Gate            Theatre in the distance                                            [Top of Page]


Central Baths, remains of. Much of building contains the museum.


Temple Nymphaneum


The travertine terraces at Pamukkale, adjacent to Hierapolis, caused by calcium salts precipitating from a hot spring near the Central Baths

After lunch at Hierapolis, we continued on to Aphrodisias.                                                                                                 [Top of Page]