Visit to Turkey May 2011

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Aphrodisias    -  Day 12  Friday 13th May

After leaving Hierapolis we drove south to find Aphrodisias. The ruins, most of which date to 1st and 2nd centuries AD, were obscured by the village of Geyre until 1956, when an earthquake struck. The village was relocated a short distance away and the site has been carefully excavated. The local blue-veined marble give the buildings an appearance on a par with Ephesus.

     There were a number of well carved large sarcophogi in the grounds of the Museum.

              The Sebasteion - a first century AD complex - probably a temple,  later to the Emperors


                The Tetrapylon, a monumental gateway to the Temple of Aphrodite.

                    A 1st Century BC Temple of Aphrodite, later converted to a Christian Basilica church.

                    First century AD Stadium with capacity of 30,000.                                        [Top of Page]

            The so-called Bishop's Palace

                    Hadrian's Baths                                                                                               

                    South Agora (Forum). There was also a North Agora. The surrounding buildings were colonnaded and there was an ornamental pool in the centre - now very overgrown. It must have looked very fine when new, in the white marble used.


                    The theatre had a capacity of about 10,000.                                                  [Top of Page]

          There were a fine collection of carved friezes built into large wall in the yard by the museum. Hardly 2 faces were similar.

We returned to the hotel in time for a rest and dinner.