Visit to Turkey May 2011

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Kusadasi & Hotel Tusan Beach Resort  -  Day 9  - Tuesday 10th May


The hotel: front, swimming pool (1 of 2), beach,  from the headland opposite, from the castle in Kusadasi.

After waving off the members of the party who were not staying on for the next 5 days, we took an early lunch in The Perge Cafe and then went to find the Dolmus (a local bus service using mini-buses) into Kusadasi. We found it easily enough just outside the hotel gates and had a crowded, bumpy ride into town.  Kusadasi is probably a fairly typical resort town with the added advantage of cruise ships calling in frequently for trips to Ephesus.  There are lots of small shops over several streets plus cafes, restaurants, etc. The seafront has a beach, a jetty for the cruise liners, a marina for private boats and a small section for trip boats and fishing boats.  There is also a small island connected by a causeway to the mainland, and on which is a small castle. After exploring and taking photographs we returned to the hotel in time for afternoon tea.

Pictures of Kusadasi:


   Caravanserai, now a hotel;   Bird Island with fort;  Fort from causeway;     Fort citadel


Cruise ship at jetty from fort,   Fishing and trip boats moored along causeway;  trip boat (swimming, snorkelling, etc.