Visit to Turkey May 2011

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Pergamon    -   Day 7  -  Sunday 8th May

The day started fine and sunny with a cool wind, but the wind died down later. The ruins of Pergamon were impressive and located on top of a hill. We took a cable car to the top of the hill and walked down viewing the site as we came. The ruins encompassed both pre Roman and Roman Period buildings.


  Pergamon Hill       Cable to top    Entrance Gate House        Remains of fine buildings                  Temple                    Well or cistern


Citadel or Arsenal    Information board        View over valley below        Aqueduct in distance along valley

               Temple building near theatre. The temple was built on a vaulted platform.

     The theatre was built into the hillside.

About 3 km from Pergamon citadel and connected by a paved sacred way (Via Tekta) there was a medical and healing centre known as The Asclepion.

      The Via Tekta was paved and colonnaded along part of the way at least.             [Top of Page]

              The theatre at this end of the complex was a small one but nicely built and decorated.


Treatment Pool fed by a spring            Model of Asclepion            Plan                    Information board


Krypoporticus (underground passage) to treatment room        Circular treatment room


Further underground passage along the complex to the exit.        Information board.

We then had lunch in a nearby Turkish restaurant and then continued to a hand woven carpet 'factory', very similar to one we saw in Egypt last year. 


Spinning silk from cocoons.      Fibres for dyeing    Hand knotting/weaving frame    Central Heating?        Finished carpets

We then had a long drive to reach our hotel in Kusadasi - The Tusan Beach Resort Hotel.                                        [Top of Page]